Reviews for the US Publication of Baptism

baptism_USBaptism has received an excellent reception in the US following its publication there in February. Here are some links to trade and blog reviews. Please click on the titles to link to the full reviews. To read David Marshall’s interview with me about the writing of both Baptism and Sacrifice, please see the “Thinking About Books” review below.

Publishers Weekly *Starred Review* 

“Kinnings (The Fixer) offers keen insights into the psychological ramifications of desperate hostage situations as he ratchets up the tension to near-unbearable levels.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A greased-lightning thriller that will doubtless make a perfect summer movie—preferably one to sit through on the hottest day of the year.”

San Francisco Book Review

Baptism by Max Kinnings is a top class thriller…The author triumphantly carries all before him.”

Thinking About Books

Baptism proves to be excellent entertainment and well worth reading.”

Here is an interview with yours truly by David Marshall of Thinking About Books.

Book Geek

“The whole book is a great spin on terrorism and the ‘conventional’ perceptions of perpetrators. A real page turner of a book. Action and emotion and adrenaline packed.”

Read Me Deadly

“Kinnings draws compelling psychological portraits of his characters…Riveting; the hours will fly by.”

Please also check out the growing number of four and five star reviews of Baptism on (along with a couple of dodgy ones too!).

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