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Music & lyrics by Nick Hale & Matthew James              Book by Max Kinnings 

Production history:

September 2012: Greater Orlando Actors Theatre, Orlando, Florida, USA

August/September 2009: Theatre 503, Battersea, London, UK

August 2009: Venue G2, George Square, Edinburgh UK

Press quotes:

‘Bears all the hallmarks of the most stylishly exciting musical since Cabaret. See it or live to regret it.’ Samantha Hughes, Capital Gold

‘A modern day morality tale about a city slicker’s decline and fall, replete with dancing girls, cocaine comedowns, a very evil gangster and some extremely catchy pop songs, including one set in a rehab clinic. What’s not to like?’ The Times.

‘Every once in a blue moon, there pops up an innovative musical that grabs you by the (metaphorical balls)… Hooked is one of those… With a gritty plot and glitzy songs from the team of Nick Hale, Matthew James and Max Kinnings, Hooked works because it tackles serious issues without losing the intimate quirks of these very human protagonists… the theatrical phenomenon that other productions can only dream of.’ Nick Awde, The Stage, August 2009

‘A rewarding walk on the wild side’ Mark Wareham, Mail on Sunday

‘Hooked, framed around a barrage of catching numbers, revealing costumes and a passionate and committed cast manages to balance sexy with heartfelt, creating a story worth telling and a musical worth seeing… An addictive concoction… This is one musical you won’t be able to get enough of.’ Skye Crawford, fringereview.co.uk

‘Hooked delivers exactly what it promises: a razor sharp story of addiction, love and infidelity.’ Magnus Huntly-Brant, allthefestivals.com.

‘This is a musical that grabs you… Mixing some aspects of other musicals such as Cabaret and Rent, it’s a brave show that entertains…’ Lindsay Corr, edinburghguide.com

For further details of the production including synopsis, audio files and photo gallery, please click on the image above.


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