Sacrifice Reviews

sacrificeHere is a round-up of recent crime/thriller blog reviews for SACRIFICE. Please click on the blog title to link to the full review. If you are a crime/thriller reviewer and would like a review copy of the novel, please email me via the ‘contacts’ page.

Crime Thriller Girl

“The tension starts high and doesn’t wane as the story unfolds…A non-stop rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Highly recommended.” *February 2014 Thriller of the Month*

“Another deftly crafted, page-turning thriller…from an author who knows what he’s doing.”

This review is also available on reviewer Sophie Scott’s Literary Consort blog here:


“A few pages in and guess what? Turns out I bloody love hostage stories. Who knew, eh?”

Thinking About Books

“I find Sacrifice more compelling because it takes its time to capture and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of all involved…The result is highly readable and strongly recommended.”

Here is an interview with yours truly by David Marshall of Thinking About Books.

SHOTS: Crime & Thriller Ezine

“The intricacies of hostage negotiation are well explored and gripping to read…the plot drives forward relentlessly to produce a page-turner that rarely takes its foot off the gas.”

The Book Geek

“Another excellent, gripping story with a gorgeous main character.” 

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