Directed by Ian Bonhote

Produced by Andy Ryder

Written by Max Kinnings

The story:

A young woman called Katja arrives in London to visit her brother only to find that he has been killed in a hit-and-run whilst planning an il- legal bicycle race known as an Alleycat. When the police persuade her to go undercover to investigate her brother’s death, Katja is sucked into a mysterious adrenalin-fuelled subculture where nothing is what it seems…

Heroes to some, outlaws to others, London’s bicycle couriers risk their lives every day to deliver important messages across central London in the fastest time. But despite the gruelling physical challenges they face, some of the messengers choose to enter into races known as Alleycats, navigating their way between a series of checkpoints throughout central London, getting from one to the next in the fastest possible time while drawing on their local knowledge of the short cuts and alleyways that weave through the city.

Katja is asked by the police to get close to her brother’s best friend, Eagle, an enigmatic young courier who is one of their prime suspects. Gradually, Katja’s feelings towards Eagle change from wary suspicion to acceptance, friendship and finally romance. Katja solves her brother’s murder – or so she believes – for which her police handlers are grate- ful. But they still have one more task for her. In order to smoke out the rotten elements in the courier community and close down the blackmail syndicate once and for all, Katja must take part in an Alleycat and act as bait to catch those people who are eager to guarantee her silence.

Katja thinks she knows what she is doing but in truth, she is way out of her depth and when her assumptions and beliefs are turned on their head she must call on all her guts, nerve and bravery if she is to survive.

Fast, dangerous and unsettling, ALLEYCATS is a tense urban thriller set against the backdrop of an underground activity, which is at the cutting edge of urban subculture.

For further details of the short film (shot in February 2013) and feature film due to shoot in 2014, please contact:



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