The Fixer

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Publication details:

Published by Hodder & Stoughton (Flame)

Trade paperback: July 2001

Mass-market paperback: February 2002

E-book: July 2013

Back cover copy:

In a world obsessed with watching itself, reality is the new rock ‘n’ roll, and Tobe Darling – showbusiness guru and reality alchemist – has the would-be stars of tomorrow beating a path to his door.

But Tobe’s life is falling apart. He is tired of his clients’ desperate ambitions, and lonely after his break-up with Scarlet – the one person who understands his bizarre sexual and psychological needs. After a disastrous appearance on a television show, things come to a head: Tobe dissolves his business partnership and goes out on his own with just one client to his name. But this new client is different from the rest. He is at the peak of his career. He doesn’t need fixing. He is the ultimate showbusiness personality.

Tobe’s new client is a serial killer.

A dark satire on the media and the nature of celebrity, The Fixer tells the story of one man’s struggle to extend the boundaries of mass entertainment.

Press quotes:

‘Kinnings honed his flair for cynical, treacle-black comedy with his first hit novel, Hitman, and here he’s fashioned a disturbingly topical satire on celebrity culture and moral relativism. Imagine Natural Born Killers with a nod to Ab Fab, and you’ll be on the right lines’ Heat

‘There’s real humour running through [The Fixer], and it’s fascinatingly off-the-wall – a bit like Guy Ritchie meets Benny Hill…the beauty of it is that [Kinnings] has managed to write a novel on the subject of fame that’s just as frivolous and addictive as the reality TV it trashes…[A] funny and stylish thriller’ Mirror

‘A chilling satire’ Daily Mail

‘This shocking take on what might happen to our obsession with reality culture if it were taken to its furthest logical conclusion is a twisted gasp-a-minute page turner for our times’ Hello

‘Max Kinnings uses his syrupy thick style…as an illumination of media culture. It’s trashy, insightful and frustratingly addictive’ Jockey Slut

To read the opening to The Fixer and buy on-line at, please click on the book cover image above.

Read the blog post written to mark the 2013 e-book publication of The Fixer.


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