I first got to know the director, Ian Bonhôte, when we met to discuss working together to develop the screenplay for a feature film idea Ian had, called Alleycats. The premise was intriguing, an action-thriller set against the back-drop of illegal bicycle races through the rush hour streets of central London. I was immediately hooked. I’d lived in London for twenty-five years and thought I knew about most interesting subcultures but the Alleycat Race was something that had passed me by. To calleycat_spokecardreate a story set amidst the underground world of Alleycat racing was a fascinating challenge; and to do it alongside someone like Ian, a co-founder of Pulse Films and leading commercial and music promo director who brings his mad Swiss charm and passion to every project he works on, was something I relished. It’s taken a while – as so many good things often do – but I’ve never had any doubt that Ian would get the film made. He’s not a man who’s short on commitment. So here we are, so close to bringing Alleycats to the screen. In order to achieve the very best stunts and action sequences that will recreate the frenetic thrills of genuine Alleycat races, Ian and his co-producer, Andy Ryder of Elephant Gun Films, have launched a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested in getting involved in the production of an exciting and genuinely original British action thriller, here’s your chance:

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