advo_faceI’m very proud to announce the publication of my new novel, SACRIFICE, which is the second thriller to feature blind hostage negotiator, Ed Mallory. The book is published by Quercus Books in paperback and ebook, and the opening chapters can be viewed here (via Amazon where you can of course buy a copy!).

Initial reactions from friends and family are extremely positive which I’m pleased about but the true litmus test is out there in the badlands of the “real world”. As with BAPTISM which is now published in Germany via Goldmann/Random House and rereleased by Quercus, a high concept thriller plot rooted in contemporary concerns is combined with believable characters to create a fast-paced, thrilling ride that will appeal to a broad readership. That’s the intention anyway. I won’t be the judge of whether I’ve succeeded in that endeavour. Let’s just say that those readers who enjoyed BAPTISM shouldn’t be disappointed. I look forward to hearing readers’ reactions to the story, further details of which are below.

Disgraced hedge fund manager Graham Poynter hides shamefully in his Belgravia mansion. He lied, he cheated and he stole but the police and legal authorities are the least of his worries. Poynter and his family have come to the attention of a new style of hacktivist. The Adversary – or Advo – believes that non-violence only works up to a point and as Thomas Jefferson said, “Sometimes the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Jefferson might have added, “and bankers”…

Advo intends to make an example of Poynter as a warning to others in the banking industry who might think they can behave as he has done. The only person who stands between Poynter and his grisly destiny is blind hostage negotiator, Ed Mallory, who must negotiate with a faceless adversary who is hell-bent on exacting retribution on a minority which has gone unpunished for too long.

To read the opening to the book and buy online in paperback or ebook formats, please go to:

To read Advo’s mission statement, go to:

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