Writing For New Audiences

Dig_humanities_logoOn July 9th, I hosted a workshop at the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School 2013. The event’s organiser, Pip Willcox, asked me to speak about “Writing For New Audiences” and I’m extremely grateful to her for allowing me the opportunity to do so. It was an enjoyable experience to step outside my usual comfort zone of writing novels and screenplays, and teaching creative writing at Brunel University. In preparation for the workshop, I set about considering the nature of writing in the digital realm and also the audiences – the end users or consumers – for whom one writes. While the talk was aimed specifically at the audience of arts and humanities academics at the summer school, hopefully it might be of interest to others who write and present their work on the web. You can watch it here: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/06writing-new-audiences-video.

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